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Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization of dreamers and doers who are taking yoga out of the studio and into the community. We believe that personal transformation ripples out into the community and that yoga is an effective tool for creating lasting change and understanding in us all. Our work steps outside of the comfort and privilege of a studio setting and aims to reach the entire community. Our heart lies in service and making yoga, mindfulness, and self awareness tools accessible, friendly, fun, and compassionate towards all.

Integrity & Excellence

Our teachers and facilitators are certified professionals who have the tools to serve a broad spectrum of needs and backgrounds. Our collaborators are carefully chosen to reflect our values of excellence and integrity.

Accessibility & Inclusivity

We believe that yoga isn't solely for those who can afford to practice at a studio. Offering donation based community events during the spring & summer, we make yoga accessible because we believe that yoga is for everyone. We are passionate about tearing down walls and creating atmospheres that include everyone of any walk of life.


& Well Being

By providing tools for a deeper understanding of self awareness & mindfulness, the individual becomes empowered to make conscious decisions over their own lives, thus affecting the lives of others. We believe that change happens from the inside-out & the outside-in. When we are healthy, happy, and whole, we walk down the path for social change because change has happened first through us. 


& Diversity

We are firm believers that when we come together as one, we are stronger and better for it; we collaborate with teachers from studios all around Central Arkansas in order to provide a diverse spectrum of teaching styles and backgrounds for the people. We want yoga to speak to everyone, no matter what their circumstances may be. Our arms are open to all people because we believe that when we come together, we are stronger and better for it. 

April through October, we offer free yoga classes once a month in unconventional areas outside of the yoga studio, such as state parks, in order to make yoga accessible to all people. These events are all levels, so everyone is welcome to join in no matter your familiarity with yoga or mindful movement. We encourage people to bring their friends, families, and loved ones to join in the fun! 

There's no better time to focus in on the importance of supporting and caring for others than the holidays. In December each year, YITR hosts a fundraising event for a local, Central Arkansas organization that is committed to helping better our home state. We want to make giving fun, so this event is our biggest of the entire season! We'll have live music and tons of raffle prizes to accompany a night of yoga, community, and giving. All ticket sales and donations go straight to the organization we are honoring. 

YITR Community Series

OM For the Holidays



Research studies show that Yoga helps to ease stress, lowering cortisol levels, and can lead to a decrease in symptoms of anxiety. Other benefits include:

  • Body Awareness

  • Increases Muscle Tone & Strength

  • Improves Posture, Respiratory System, Vitality, & Energy

  • Improves Memory

  • Blood Pressure Decreases

  • Improves Mood & Attention

  • Increases Self Acceptance

  • & MORE!

Presents Presence & COMMUNITY 

 With the explosion of technology over the past two decades, Westerners are becoming more and more attached to their devices and simultaneously, becoming separated from others. Ever get so involved in your phone that you lose all track of time and awareness? Or maybe your mind is constantly in the past or in the future, rather than in the present moment. The majority of Westerners spend most of their time not being fully present. There is a huge need to come into the present moment, and also to go back to our roots of coming together and enjoying an activity in community! Yoga is a perfect opportunity to bring others together, make new friends, and get people to move their bodies while helping you to unplug and ground down into the here and now.  

Invites Playfulness & joy into our lives

Yoga helps to encourage and inspire us to face challenging situations with playfulness, joy, and curiosity instead of with frustration, irritability, and ego. Some of us may have a hard time trying new things and getting out of our comfort zones. It's difficult to find the time, space, and encouragement to attempt new things, especially when it comes to our bodies, but Yoga invites playfulness and joy into our lives because it helps cultivate our "inner child" as it provides the place, the purpose, and the encouragement to try something new. This practice helps us to translate openness off of the mat and into our daily lives.