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We began this entire adventure with the simple intention of wanting to bring people together--literally, that was all! We felt a deep desire in joining people from all walks of life together through the transformative practice of mindfulness & yoga. In our own lives, we had seen and experienced true healing, and we wanted to share that with others in however way we could. Our mission was simple: to take yoga and mindful movement out of the studio and into the world so that every person could experience it in an accessible way. Every person deserves tools and appropriate methods to cope with the craziness and chaos of the world we live in, and when we can do it in an engaging, lighthearted, and communal way, it makes it all a little easier. 

We have already grown so much over the past year, nearly tripling our turnout for our Kick Off Community Series Event in April 2018 compared to our first event back in June 2017. We are humbled that people believe in Yoga in the Rock enough to continue to support us and encourage us to keep going. We have had nothing but positive feedback from folks who have experienced our events; people are hungry for healthy activities to do in their home state. There's a need for community events that get people off their phones, out of their house, and into the world! 


Yoga in the Rock is passionate about making our community of Central Arkansas happier, healthier, and more whole through the powerful techniques of mindful movement. We are small but mighty thanks to support, feedback, and encouragement from you! We could not continue to learn, grow, and serve without your help. 
Your donation is critical in helping us continue the work that we do, increasing access to the amazing benefits of yoga through the power of community. We firmly believe that yoga can truly transform an individual inside-out, while celebrating their unique presence. Even the smallest donation can help us continue Yoga in the Rock and encourage our growth so that we can provide fully for our community. We simply could not do any of this without you.

Physical Donations

As Yoga in the Rock continues to grow, we are in need of several physical items in order to serve and meet the needs of the public. 

  • Yoga Mats

  • Yoga Blocks

  • Yoga Straps

  • Yoga Blankets

If you would like to make a physical donation or have any information in obtaining these items, please contact us:​