passion | inclusivity | diversity | excellence

We are a small community organization that was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, June 2017. We are passionate about bringing people of all backgrounds together through the art and science of yoga, mindfulness, and self awareness. We celebrate our differences through community while using our bodies, mind, and breath to direct us towards a fuller, more joyful, more whole, and more loving life. Taking the practice of yoga outside of the conventional studio or gym setting and into the community, we always aim to be in locations available to ALL people.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, your background, or your familiarity with yoga in order to join us each month for YITR. All that is required is simply YOU. We encourage newbies and advanced practitioners to come enjoy this practice with us and others. Bring your mat, bring your friends, your open heart, and let’s flow together as the sun sets below the beautiful Arkansas landscape.

We are so excited to be on this incredible journey of spreading love & light into our community, and it wouldn’t be possible without you, the people. We are still growing and hope that you will be part of our story as we continue on this community-minded path.