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yitr COMMUNITY series

One of our biggest passions is bringing folks together. Since the beginning, we wanted to create ways and opportunities to gather people together to share yoga, movement, and mindful practices. We saw a need in our community to get people off of their phones, out of their homes, and experience the incredible joy that community brings to our lives! Connecting with other people, finding your "tribe", and celebrating life together is hugely rewarding and can make life much more enjoyable, meaningful, and fulfilling. Yoga is the perfect vehicle to support community; it gives us a reason to show up to the mat, meet other people, and gives us tools to empower, heal, and sustain us.

Our spring & summer Community Series is an amazing opportunity to get outside in the amazing and beautiful Arkansas scenery while surrounding yourself with people from all walks of life. Bring a friend (or more!) and leave having made new ones too. From Spring to late Summer, we offer monthly yoga events in nonconventional space, such as state parks, in order to make yoga truly accessible for everyone--and it's donation based!


No yoga experience is required to partake in our Community Series. Our team is made up of qualified, certified, and caring individuals who have the tools to make everyone feel safe and comfortable. All that is required is simply you! Whether you're new to yoga or are a seasoned practitioner, YITR provides a well balanced yoga practice for everyone to enjoy. 

The details of the events are always posted through Facebook, so be sure to like & follow our Facebook page to stay updated with our Community Series throughout the season.