We are a non-profit organization of dreamers and doers who are taking yoga out of the studio and into the community! Our work steps outside of the comfort and privilege of a studio setting and aims to reach the entire community. Our heart lies in making yoga, mindfulness, and self awareness tools accessible, friendly, fun, and compassionate towards all.

lift up teachers of color

Donate to the YITR Scholarship Fund! We recognize the need for more leaders and teachers of color in the yoga community. We acknowledge that there are many barriers that might prevent a person of color from entering a yoga studio: cost, cultural differences in teaching, discomfort, and a lack of teachers with similar backgrounds/physical presentations. We are asking our community to change that. The YITR Scholarship Fund is exclusively available for aspiring teachers of color in Little Rock who want to advance their education in the field of yoga.

Help us raise $1,100 for our 2020 scholarship recipient, Chelsea Hudspeth! Stay tuned on our 2021 application announcement.



April through October, we offer donation-based yoga classes in Little Rock's beautiful parks. These events are all levels, so everyone is welcome to join in no matter your familiarity with yoga or mindful movement.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we have decided to temporarily suspend in person classes this season. Please stay posted for other fun opportunities to stay connected!


Every December YITR hosts a fundraising event for a local organization that is committed to helping better our home state. We love to make giving fun, so this event is our biggest of the entire season. Stay tuned for Om 2020!


Our Community Yoga Series is for everyone! April through October, we host outdoor yoga classes in Little Rock's public parks. Our classes are donation-based and accessible to beginners, seniors, kids, and the "I'm not flexible enough for yoga" crowd. Come get some sunshine, smiles, and deeeeep breaths.

inclusivity & DIVERSITY

We know that the wellness gap is real, and we want to make movement inviting and available to all walks of life. We believe that yoga is a celebration of our many different journeys, and everyone should be able to show up exactly as they are. Say hi to a new face and meet your neighbors at a class, workshop, or pop-up event!


Research studies show that Yoga helps to ease stress, lower cortisol levels, and can lead to a decrease in symptoms of anxiety. Other benefits can include improvements in posture, balance, muscle tone, and respiratory health, increased self-acceptance, and elevated mood and attention. Empower yourself to take care of your body!

collaboration & community

Yoga in the Rock is the "studio" of the people! Each class is taught by a different local teacher, which gives you a flavor of the fantastic yoga community here in Little Rock. Our collaborators are certified professionals who are carefully chosen to reflect our values of excellence and integrity.

a grid of positivity


​What should I expect when I get to class?

Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins so you can fill out a new-student waiver at our sign-in table. We always have water, sunscreen, and bug spray available, but feel free to bring your own (and anything else you need to be comfortable outside for an hour).

What do I wear?

No special clothes required - we've seen people practice in overalls! Wear something you could be comfortable sitting in.

What is class like?

The teacher will cue the whole class through postures, but you are always encouraged to move how you're comfortable and take breaks or skip poses when needed. Our teachers keep the classes lighthearted, accessible, and real: you're encouraged to make your practice whatever you need it to be, not what someone else says it should be.

Will there be a bathroom?

Pro-tip: use a bathroom before you come to class! There are always amenities nearby, but depending on location some may be a farther walk than others.


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